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Weight lifting Accessories WEIGHT LIFTING HOOKS


Art# WH-6

LIFTING RED HOOKS with thick padded adjustable neoprene wrist wrap support. Non-slip heavy duty coated steel POWER WEIGHT LIFTING HOOKS. WEIGHTLIFTING HOOKS for bodybuilding crosstraining both men & women

  • EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT. The best hooks when it comes time to gear up and work out is G3 POWER HOOKS! The built-in wrist wrap is fully adjustable with 7mm neoprene padding giving secure comfort and support while reducing stress & injury. Train harder, lift heavier and avoid injury.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. These weightlifting hooks are expertly crafted out of neoprene for compression and wrist support, heavy duty Cold Rolled Steele lifting hooks for maximum strength and durability, non-slip rubber coating to ensure you maintain your grip while you train harder to become the next champion.
  • OPTIMAL GRIP. The non-slip coated metal power weight lifting hooks prevents slipping by transferring weight from your grip to the hook so you can prevent grip fatigue, sore fingers, and maximize your weight lifting capacity up to 600 pounds allowing you to achieve new personal records.
  • INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH. Maximize gains while increasing strength using G3 weight lifting hooks during your favorite workout for crosstraining, powerlifting, weight lifting, bodybuilding, fitness training, nautilus, circuit-training, and calisthenics.
  • VERSATILE USE. Designed with a premium construction for both male and female lifters, these lifting wrist hooks will prevent grip failure and fatigue while preforming deadlifts, shrugs, pull-ups, rows, lat pull downs, and many other back and shoulder exercises.

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